Indianapolis SEO Company LocalBlitz Promoting Evergreen SEO Strategies To Drive Growth

Local Blitz, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and digital marketing, has offices in San Diego as well as Indianapolis. It educates potential and existing clients about the importance of using long-term SEO strategies that deliver consistent results. “Digital Marketing Done Right” is the company’s motto. It uses a scientific and data-driven process to solve clients’ digital marketing problems.

Nick Bennett, a San Diego SEO expert and cofounder of Local Blitz talks about the importance of SEO. He says that if you don’t grow, you are shrinking. Businesses cannot afford to remain stagnant, especially in the age of the internet. Google, the largest search engine, is constantly improving its algorithms to provide better search results. You will lose customers to your competitors if you don’t upgrade your SEO strategy to meet these algorithm updates. Google released an update for its core search functionality in May 2022. This update will definitely affect website rankings. The drop or rise in traffic may or may not be immediate but it will happen nonetheless. Google’s algorithms change every time, and this is why website traffic swings up and down. The Mountain View search engine giant’s proprietary algorithms serve as the judge, jury, or executioner for a business’s long-term growth potential. Don’t be caught on the wrong side by this juggernaut. We can help protect your business and income from these shifting tides. SEO is our bread-and-butter and we are masters at creating a delicious SEO strategy. We can help you secure your company’s future for many years. Call us today!

Local Blitz prides itself on only using in-house experts and never outsourcing. It pledges honest communication that is aimed squarely at improving the fundamentals of a business’s online marketing efforts. It offers a variety digital marketing services including SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing and email marketing. It serves a variety of clients including dentists, weight loss specialists, and plastic surgeons from the healthcare sector, restoration companies and roofers, HVAC installers, foundation repair experts from construction, and manufacturing, auto glass replacement, mechanic shops and car rentals from automotive industry, restaurants and yoga studios as well as performing artists from service industry, realtors, mortgage providers, property management companies from e-commerce, and many other niche domains.

Simon White, the co-founder of Indianapolis SEO company, discusses how Local Blitz can help businesses with their digital marketing challenges. He says, “Many SEO companies out there will promise vague things and implement more nebulous strategy.” They will leave you with a low marketing budget and little difference in metrics such as page views, lead flow, audience retention, lead source, audience retention, and lead flow. The average SEO agency is unable to retain clients for more than 6 months before becoming frustrated by the lackluster concrete results. Local Blitz was established from scratch to address the glaring deficiencies in the SEO market. We have served some of the biggest clients for years, such as Hollywood Connection and Children’s Primary Care Medical Group. Precision Metals and Fairbanks Pharmacy are just a few of our many clients. We continue to grow through word-of-mouth advertising. Get in touch with us at our Indianapolis or San Diego office and let us help you build a thriving online marketing strategy.”



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